Mama Dog Secures Her Puppies By Making A Home In A Snowdrift

Mama Dog Secures Her Puppies By Making A Home In A Snowdrift

A stray dog looked for a protected place to sanctuary her 6 puppies as ice and snow covered northeastern Minnesota.

The heroic mother’s milk production had stopped, and her three-week-old babies were starving and cold. When she couldn’t find refuge, the dog made a give in the snow and covered her body over her puppies, doing her best to secure her small family while still trying to make it through.

A concerned family discovered the dog and her pups huddled in a forested location near a lake and drove them to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

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Team at the shelter couldn’t believe the mom dog’s incredible story, so they called her Snowbelle. “We have no idea just how Snowbelle and her babies survived,” stated the shelter on Facebook.

It didn’t take long to restore the cold dogs: “After a couple of days of cozy shelter and adequate food, Snowbelle resumed producing loads of milk for her kids,” the sanctuary stated.

Snowbelle’s pups grew swiftly, and all but 2 were adopted– but Snowbelle has yet to find a pleased home.

Asha, the courageous mother, is now living at Pet Projects, a rescue in Nerstrand, Minnesota. The little puppy has clearly not had a loving home in a long time, if ever.

” We don’t recognize much regarding her history,” Nancy Bruley, creator of Pet Projects, informed The Dodo. “She was quite slim and in poor health, so she had actually been scrounging on her own for rather some time.”

Asha didn’t know how to walk on a leash when she initially arrived at the rescue, however she was always a lovely woman within the house. “When she arrived, the mother was really hesitant– not hostile in any way– just cautious,” Bruley recalled. “Type of afraid that if you moved closer her, her head might drop. You could see she was nervous around others.”

Asha has drastically transformed in 6 weeks, gaining 6 pounds and feeling a lot better.

” She’s really bloomed,” remarked Bruley. “She walks nicely on the leash currently and has actually gained a lot of confidence.” She leaps up and puts her paws on me. She’s considerably more extroverted than she was when she first arrived.”

While mama dogs are frequently more difficult to place than their puppies, Bruley is sure that Asha will get the loving home she deserves.

Besides, the love of a mother is unconditional, and Asha is no exception.