Man Brings Home Dog Found On Busy Highway, However His Wife Says He Can't Keep It

Man Brings Home Dog Found On Busy Highway, However His Wife Says He Can’t Keep It

It’s hard to even picture what goes through a deserted dog’s mind. Suddenly all alone in unfamiliar environments, they’re entrusted to take care of themselves.

It’s an awful circumstance, especially when that canine finds itself in the middle of a busy highway like Fae. Fortunately, a guy noticed her before it was too late and also pulled his car over.

The 10-year-old Chihuahua mix did nothing to deserve this life. No one knows for how long she had actually existed, however she was definitely left. Thankfully, this guy was driving down the freeway that day and decided to help. He loaded the wonderful canine up and also took her home.

The Good Samaritan wished to keep Fae, however his partner said no. So he reluctantly took the canine to Baldwin Park Animal Services. He despised to have to do this to a do that had actually currently been through a lot, yet he had no choice.

As fate would have it, one more guy was looking to take on a dog for his 50th birthday. He saw Fae and it was love at first sight. The senior dog was clearly not in perfect shape, however she was walking around and able to consume. He recognized he could offer the perfect permanently home for such a dog in need.

This is the picture that claims everything. Fae was so happy to lastly have love in her life, she took a moment to thank new dad for gambling on her. Not everyone wishes to adopt an elderly dog at the end of its life, however this man didn’t see it that way. He wanted to make Fae’s staying years the absolute best possible and show her the globe isn’t as cruel as she once believed.

After all, elderly dogs require love too.