Man leaves dogs home alone with 2,000 tennis balls and films their adorable reactions

This is so cute to see it makes me question if my dogs would do the same.

This is a video from Youtuber My Mountain Husky, who loaded his home with 2,000 tennis balls, then set up cameras (including on one dog’s back) and left to see just how his huskies Kakoa and Skies would react to this canine version of a very shallow Chuck E.

Cheese ball pit. Honestly, they seemed more confused than anything. Kakoa continuously tries to get Sky to have fun with her, however Skies isn’t feeling it right now. I like how after they both ensure their owner in fact left Kokoa immediately checks the kitchen counters for food.

Classic dog right there! Still, overall their response was not that wonderful, so if you were thinking about robbing a sporting goods store you may want to go for the YETI products instead of all the tennis balls, because they could not be worth it.