Man Stumbles Upon Shivering Dog Tied To Tree And Abandoned In The Freezing Cold

When Leslie Gray’s husband was walking his dog in the park, the last point he expected to see was a dog tied to a tree and left in the freezing cold.

He was surprised to discover a 2-year-old American Bulldog tied to a tree and left there with a note connected to him. The note claimed “My name is Duke. Here’s my favored toy and my food. I am searching for a new home.”

A neighbor, Stephanie Dagenhart, took some photos of Duke and posted them on her social networks. She revealed how she was “losing faith in humanity” as her heart sank watching the poor pooch shivering in the cold. He was too scared to allow anyone approach him, so Stephanie sat on a bench opposite him and tried to comfort him from there.

Pretty soon more neighbors began appearing to comfort Duke and provide him treats. Stephanie’s social media post began to gather interest and people began asking if they can adopt Duke. Quickly, Pet Control showed up and got Duke. BARCS stressed that they are an open admission shelter, and if any pet proprietor was having difficulty keeping their pet, they must bring the pet to the shelter rather than abandoning them.

Duke had his very own happy ending when he was adopted by U.S. Army Specialist Wallace White that didn’t even recognize Duke was famous now. He simply loved Duke for who he was and wanted to adopt him out of love and not the story behind him. Go Duke!

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