Mangey Stray Dog Can't Stop Smiling After Being Rescued, Right Now She's Called The 'Happiest Canine Worldwide'

Mangey Stray Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued, Right Now She’s Called The ‘Happiest Canine Worldwide’

It’s amazing the big difference a little love can make in the life of a dog. Numerous pets start their lives in depressing circumstances, struggling and fending for themselves on the street, however completely turn around once they obtain the treatment they need.

Like one dog, who constantly has the biggest smile on her face after finding her forever home– currently she’s an internet celebrity called “The Happiest Canine in the World.”.

Woman Shortcake the 6 year old Pit Bull has one of the most attractive smile. It was just one of the factors her human fell in love with her, and now that she’s adopted, she smiles a lot more! Occasionally it’s when she’s delighted, however other times it’s when she’s trying to get herself out of problem. But in either case, her unique expression is just one of a kind.

Dog fans all over the world are in love with this lovely rescue pup. Her social networks articles constantly brighten people’s days. Your heart will certainly melt just looking at her!

Meet Shortcake:.
Yes, that huge smile is real, and it’s a face she makes all the time, ever since being saved by her owner, Amy Matsushima.

” She’s very silly, filled with noises and playful when she’s not sleeping but also after that she smiles,” Amy told the Daily Mail. “She really does smile most of the time.”.

But Shortcake hasn’t always been so pleased. In fact, she had an extremely harsh start as a roaming canine on the streets of Fresno, California.

” Shortcake was found on the streets suffering from serious mange and a hernia,” Amy informed Daily Mail. “Her time was up at the sanctuary when Fresno Bully Rescue became aware of her.”.

” She had not been in the best form as everybody that met her back then said that she smelled like rotting flesh because of her mange.”.

But when Amy came across Shortcake’s photo online, she immediately fell in love with the canine and her unbreakable spirit.

” When I came across her picture on the rescue’s website, I couldn’t think it,” Amy informed Greetings America. “She looked miserable, but she was wagging her tail and she did have her little smile, and it simply struck me in my heart. I was like, ‘I have to meet this dog.'”.

After meeting Shortcake for the first time, Amy chose to adopt. Fortunately, the dog quickly recovered from the mange.

Shortcake is currently a healthy, playful and cool canine– she chooses staying home to going on strolls– and her newly found happiness is clearly shown on her face.

Shortcake’s most distinguishing feature is her regular, huge smiles, something that Amy still does not quite understand.

” I’m not sure why she smiles so much,” she informed GMA. “I can’t make her due it on cue.”.

But Shortcake’s smiles have delighted fans online. Her own Instagram account, @theladyshortcake, now has over 185,000 followers.

” The fantastic thing about the social media is that people inform me what happiness she gives them, and how they make her smile,” Amy said. “I simply think that’s so great, that she makes other people happy.

You can follow Shortcake’s Instagram for more of her beautiful smile!