Meet The Valais Black nose Sheep - The Worlds Cutest Sheep Appear Like Stuffed Pets (14 Pictures).

Meet The Valais Blacknose Sheep – The Worlds Cutest Sheep Appear Like Stuffed Pets (14 Pictures).

Sporting fluffy white wool and black furry faces, it’s not difficult to see why the prettiest sheep type in the world honor goes to the Valais Blacknose.

Belonging to the mountainous state of Valais in Switzerland, these fluffy creatures have developed their thick fluffy layer to help them brave the harsh Swiss winters.

Have a look at the video below showing off the sheep’s majestic horns while grazing:.

These sheep originated in the 15th century from the Valais Canton area of Switzerland, yet were not identified as a type till 1962.

But it isn’t just their fluffy fur and mysterious black furry faces that have made them their reputation, they are also very friendly and friendly with humans, unlike many other sheep types.

Valais Blacknose sheep were originally raised for the wool, and quickly came to be a favorite; not only because of the quantity of wool provided however also their mysterious looks and good temperament.

Actually, it’s quite usual for Blacknose sheep to be treated like among the family among farmers in Switzerland, just like a beloved animal dog.

But this isn’t unique to the Swiss Alps, people all over the world have adopted these sheep as pets.

They have actually become fashionable sheep and are in high demand globally. As mentioned, they make great animals due to their calm nature and friendly character.