Meet Titus, a Pitbull so unusual that he's the only one of his breed on the planet

Meet Titus, a Pitbull so unusual that he’s the only one of his breed on the planet

You’re probably thinking that you simply saw a photo of a cheetah. Am I right? Since I thought the same! One look at a picture of Titus, and it has you believing that he’s a cheetah, and you think nothing else of it. However, truly Titus is really not what he appears to be.

Actually, Titus is a pitbull, a rare, unique Albanian pitbull and there’s no other animal like him of his type. Is your mind blown yet? This dog’s breed is so unusual that there is only one living proof of the reality that the breed also exists, and that’s Titus himself.

A lot of people know this popular pitbull as “the dog with cheetah spots” since that’s specifically what meets the eye when people initially understand that Titus is actually a dog. However very few people knew about Titus and his rare breed until this picture went viral all over the internet.

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Although there are lots of canines that have a cheetah-like appearance nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find one that duplicates the look of a cheetah the way this pup does. They claim that there is a “mutation” behind this appearance and in some cases this “mutation” isn’t all natural.

There are lots of ways to create a canine with a cheetah-like appearance. Lots of are saying that because this dog’s body and face replicated a cheetah to the T, groomers possibly added spots to Titus using non-toxic, temporary ink, which is completely safe for animals.

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