Men Rescue Kangaroo Dangling From A Barbed Wire Fence

Men Rescue Kangaroo Dangling From A Barbed Wire Fence

Australia is a big country and its wildlife has a reputation worldwide. Primarily, outsiders recognize Australia as a country where the wildlife is pretty deadly.

I suggest, how many times have we seen TikTok video clips of people in Australia finding poisonous snakes or terrifyingly large insects in their homes?

But besides having a lot of deadly species of wildlife, Australia is synonymous with kangaroos. Even if you don’t know anything else about Australia, you possibly know that the land down under is popular for its kangaroos.

Men Rescue Kangaroo Dangling From A Barbed Wire Fence

If you were to go online, there are plenty of videos featuring kangaroos. But some of them are actually saves of kangaroos, like the video that was taken by two friends on their drive home. Both had actually spotted a kangaroo on the side of the road, hanging off a fence. The poor animal looked dead.

The friends got out of their car in order to investigate, and upon a closer evaluation, they recognized that the kangaroo was still alive!

However, he was plainly weak, with both having no idea how long he ‘d actually been stuck in the wire fence. Still, the friends worked quickly to obtain him free, knowing that time was of the essence.

As one of the friends said of the rescue video, “He must’ve been stuck there for some time. He was pretty distressed and thirsty. We left still pretty dazed … hoping he recovers.”

They carefully freed the kangaroo, and when free, the rescuers offered the animal some water. It was clear that the kangaroo was rather thirsty and gladly accepted the refreshing drink. Once their kindness was done, they desired the kangaroo well as they enabled it to go on its means.