Mother Elephant Takes Revenge After Crocodile Attacks Her Baby

Mother Elephant Takes Revenge After Crocodile Attacks Her Baby

A mother elephant takes revenge on the crocodile that posed a threat to her baby. Their encounter has actually gone viral on social networks.

The mother elephant does not hesitate to take revenge (Video).

Never test a mom with her little one, specifically if it is an elephant. The crocodile, who had actually approached the tiny prey, recognized it too late. Elephants are known to be peaceful animals, however, the biggest land mammal on the Planet can transform hostile to protect their offspring.

One such incident was seen during a safari in Zambia. A video clip of a women elephant killing a crocodile to protect her young calf has gone viral on social media. It was shot by Hans Henrik Haahr on his cellphone.

Crocodiles are opportunistic seekers and have actually been known to prey on baby elephants. This mother elephant was not taking any chances and was not pleased with the crocodile being so close to her young calf– to protect her baby, she removed the threat of the crocodile entirely.

The elephant can be seen using its trunk and head to push the croc. Soon, the mother elephant’s behavior obtains aggressive as she tramples the reptile under her weight. Nadav Ossendryver, founder of Newest Sightings, which published the footage, claimed that in his 10 years of sharing wild animals minutes, he had actually never ever seen an elephant catch a croc.
The predator obtained too close and paid the price.

However the closeness of the reptile put the mother on high alert. Since the elephant didn’t have tusks, she used her mouth for most of the attack. One also notifications that the elephant wrapped her trunk around the crocodile’s tail and tossed it around while trampling it.

Elephants can raise to 770 extra pounds with their trunks, so the croc proved to be no problem. Hans, that shot the video clip, claimed that he had almost no words to explain the interaction, simply that it was “shocking!” Watch the video, the mother elephant was really, very mad! Never ever mess with a mother that protect her family!

The continual trampling by the elephant resulted in the crocodile’s death. The tons of squashing stress from the elephant “resulted in the inevitable death” of the crocodile.