Mother Forgot To ‘Cuddle’ Her Fantastic Dane In The Early morning, So He Increased A Complaint

Anyone who’s ever before owned a Fantastic Dane would attest to the fact that Great Danes are absolute lovebugs! These magnificent dogs are best described as mild titans, who generally don’t recognize just how huge they are. In their heads, they’re still the tiny lapdogs they were when they were puppies.

Kernel, the 165lb Great Dane, is no different. This huge love-machine is so addicted to hugs and cuddles that if his mom, Alyssa, misses a single cuddle on also one morning, he makes sure she knows of it. And just how does he let her recognize she forgot to cuddle him? By resting on the sofa and whining away like a baby!

Bit is so good at giving out love to others that Alyssa got him trained as a service and therapy dog. He likes visiting patients and making them feel loved and wanted. This is especially real of one little woman who bursts with excitement every time Bit visits her! We love you Kernel!

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