Mama Horse Who Lost Baby Adopts Orphaned Foal

Mother Horse Who Lost Baby Adopts Orphaned Foal

The happy dancing the mama horse does when she sees the foal is so beautiful to watch ❤.

This is such a remarkable thing to hear. Mama has a brand-new baby, and baby has a brand-new mother. Such a remarkable thing for both of them. God is so great, and honors his animals too.
Happy that she approved the orphaned foal …!.🤗🤗🤗

Mama Horse Who Lost Baby Adopts Orphaned Foal
Mama Horse Who Lost Baby Adopts Orphaned Foal

Queen Unlike, a Friesian horse in The Netherlands, was expecting her first kid. The moment she went into labor, she knew something was wrong. She felt anxious about that moment, flaming her lips and strutting in circles inside her stable. Yvonne, her Mother, stood beside her trying to relax her down.

Uneik delivered an hour later, and the [veterinarians] who assisted pulled out a foal that wasn’t breathing. They did their finest to revive him, however they were far too late. He really did not it. The heartbroken mare kept licking her foal, trying to restore him, however that didn’t work. They took the foal out of her stable while Yvonne continued to comfort Uneik.

She recognized her beloved horse was in a lot of pain.

After that, Yvonne et cetera of the Friesian Horses staff got remarkable news …! Her buddy called, telling her that they had an orphaned foal in their treatment. Yvonne intended to see if Uniek wishes to adopt the foal for her own.

The first couple of interactions were extremely tentative. She sniffed the foal, and the foal did the same thing back. She did a little dancing, and they could tell she was happy seeing the foal before her as if claiming him to be her very own.

It was a very special moment.

The next day, they located the adorable mother and son inside their stable, and Uniek became extremely protective over her adopted foal. Wherever he went, she did, too. Rising Star always strolled near to Uniek.
Increasing Star was the happiest foal she had actually ever seen. He ran and messed around freely as any young animal would. Uniek followed right behind him and ensured to keep her little one in sight.

So happy it ended well for mother & baby!

Uniek raised Increasing Star and she was a extremely loving and safety mother to him. He is now a beautiful one years of age. She is healthy and balanced and doing well.

Uniek is an incredible mare, She was absolutely incredible with Increasing Star, he’s a little cheeky chap now ❤.
She is such a beautiful and magnificent girl! So happy that she got a baby to take care of. She appears like a wonderful mamma …! ❤.

Glad that they were able to unite this baby foal with the mother she appears to be happy and the baby has a mother. Very gorgeous both of them. Thanks for looking after these beautiful animals. ❤.

May God honor this brand-new family it is wonderful and beautiful!.🏡🙏🙏