Nobody Wanted A Dying, 16 Year Old Sanctuary Dog

No one was wanting to adopt this dying, 16-year-old dog at the sanctuary. He was just a skeleton of a dog with his hair matted, even missing in some spots.

However things will change for Bear. A family came into the shelter and chose to take a chance on him. And apparently, all Bear needed was a little love and treatment, because this is a transformation that’s hard to believe.

Pictured here is Bear’s kennel record. Just an old canine who needed some help.

His ride to freedom.

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Bear’s very first day at his forever home!?

Now called Norman, the dog found some good spots to take naps.

He absolutely loves sleeping!

And like every other dog, he likes food. Living the good life!

He looked better and better with each passing day.

Norman just required a little bit of love.

Being rescued gave the senior dog a whole new outlook on life– and a new look!

Adopting a canine doesn’t simply save his life, it makes it a whole lot better! And this tale is proof.?