Over ten years Of Love And Friendship Between Leo And The Man Who Saved Him

Over ten years Of Love And Friendship Between Leo And The Man Who Saved Him

That’s a big reason they call lions “king of the jungle” Their muscle physique and amazing toughness make them among the most frightening predators on the planet.

For that reason, it is not advisable to be around these wild cats, which can easily weigh 450 pounds. But still, Frikkie Von Solms did not quit raising lions like other furry companions.

Ten years later, the 69-year-old caretaker and Lion Zion have a very strong bond based upon love and regard. And her tale is heartwarming! “I have actually kept 19 lions, leopards and cheetahs since Zion,” the man told the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately. Eleven-year-old Leo was birthed as a prisoner of war and was declined by his mother a couple of days after his birth. When his fate was chosen, Zion was saved in time by Flicky von Solms, that was caring for an orphan wildcat in South Africa.

He increased a small resembling his own child. He also fed him by hand and even put him to sleep in bed. Thanks to Flicky’s efforts and generosity, Zion did it, and now the little boy has grown into a huge lion.

In spite of its ferocious look, Zion is absolutely nothing greater than a gentle giant. A delicate presence that Flicky entrusts with his life. The two spent more than 11 years together. And all the moment they learned a lot from each other. “He is special because of the bonds we share. I learned a lot from him, “stated the caretaker.

” Growing up with him, learning all stages of a male lion, and living with him was an unique experience,” von Solms told the Daily Mail. “People talk about lions like just a few African cats, however they have an individuality, a good sense of humor, and laugh. Zion is a gentle lion. He has assaulted individuals. No, I completely depend on him. “.