People Stop & Stare At Woman's Dog Who Was Freed Moments Before Being Killed

People Stop & Stare At Woman’s Dog Who Was Freed Moments Before Being Killed

The scars on Angel’s face are noticeable however don’t inform that to Angel. The adorable Belgian Shepherd was saved from the Chinese dog meat trade in 2015 however only after meat traders disfigured the poor pup.

Angel was almost a victim of the barbaric practice when activists interceded and stopped a truckload of dogs on their method to the slaughterhouse. Angel’s face was terribly damaged by the tools dog catchers use to capture dogs and haul them away.

Surgery was performed in Beijing and Angel was flown to the UK by the kind folks at Rushton Dog Rescue. All it took was one look for 25-year-old Hollie Cornes and she knew she wanted to adopt Angel.

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Even though she currently had surgery, she would require more job and more treatments to help the dog live a happy, healthy life. Cornes said Angel’s CT exposed, “her nose was completely secured over with mark tissue, so she wasn’t breathing via that side of the nose at all, however a 2mm hole the opposite.”

She decided to do what was necessary for Angel to breathe and not worry about her cosmetic appearance. She really did not wish to stress the dog out and do something totally for aesthetic factors. People donated to a fundraiser and thanks to all the help, wonderful Angel was able to get her procedure. Cornes says Angel is doing fantastic nowadays and living her best life.

We enjoy a happy ending and desire Hollie and Angel all the best for a long, happy life with each other!