Police Officers Honor Loyal K-9 Officer With One Of The Most Touching Goodbye

Police Officers Honor Loyal K-9 Officer With One Of The Most Touching Goodbye

Before being diagnosed with cancer, K-9 Officer Hunter helped the Middletown Police Department in Connecticut for ten years with his partner Michael D’Aresta and their coworkers.

They desired him to know just how much they loved him on his last day in the world.

Hunter put his life on the line each day while on the force to keep the community protected. After his health deviated for the worse, his generous sacrifices to the force came to a heartbreaking end recently:

” K-9 Hunter has been sick for a few days, and tests discovered that he has a very aggressive kind of liver cancer. Sgt. Doug Clark, Middletown K-9 boss, wrote online, “Unfortunately, they suggested that he be euthanized.”

D’Aresta, that needed to make the tough decision to lay his friend to rest as a result of the diagnosis, was not the only one in his grief. When the sad day arrived, D’Aresta held Hunter in his arms outside the veterinary office, flanked by his fellow officers, as he got one final salute from those who had served so faithfully alongside him.

Clark wrote, “Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have actually been an outstanding team offering the City of Middletown in a high caliber because 2007.” “As you can imagine, Mike and his family are going through a lot now.”

Middletown has a population of about 50,000 residents, however because of the touching way the police department said goodbye to K-9 Hunter, his legacy has actually spread out across the country and all over the world– and it’s a legacy that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.