Rescue Dog With A Disfigured Face Is Searching For A Family To Adopt Her

Rescue Dog With A Disfigured Face Is Searching For A Family To Adopt Her

In spite of being born with a crooked face that leaves people “shocked,” this puppy is currently searching for somebody who is willing to look beyond her disfigurement to see her heart of gold.

Bethany is a Labrador cross that is eight months old. She was born with a severe face defect that causes her nose to twist away, exposing her teeth.

The search Bethany’s face may be distressing to some, but she is extremely happy and her health was not impacted. After her rescue in Romania, Bethany traveled to the UK, vet-checked and approved to travel. She is much like other dogs in that she can eat, drink, run and play as well.

Bethany is presently being promoted by Safe Rescue For Dogs, which is based in Norwich, Norfolk. The company is currently looking for a permanently home for this sweet girl. Zoe Casey, 46, hopes Bethany’s amazing personality will overcome her deformity when she is adopted.

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Zoe stated, “There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with Bethany– she doesn’t even snore when she’s asleep.”

” People have asked ‘are we sure we’re doing the best thing?’ and ‘just how do we understand?’ We understand since she’s been vet checked and inspected once again at Calais and Dover at DEFRA. If she was ill, she would have been seized since that’s their job. She is definitely fine. She is one of the most incredible canine. She is gentle and happy,” Zoe added.

She continued, claiming, “We have been out strolling her and she’s already fine off the lead. She runs around and returns when called. She enjoys kids, she’s good with other dogs, she is as near to perfect temperament-wise as you are ever before going to get.”

Zoe went on to say, “She is very much [like] a Labrador in her temperament. She’s happy-go-lucky and absolutely lovely. There is an attitude of people searching for the picture-perfect canine but I think people require to look a little bit deeper. We wish Bethany finds a regular family who treat her like a normal dog because she is normal even if she doesn’t look it.”

” We just desire a nice, run-of-the-mill family who will look after her and not see what she appears like but what she is, an incredible canine. What she appears like is irrelevant because her heart is pure gold,” Zoe concluded.

The mother of Bethany was a street dog in Romania that got pregnant before she and her five pups were rescued by a family that cared for them until they could be transferred to the UK.

According to the veterinarians in Romania, Bethany’s face deformity might have been caused by the genetics in the puppies, which were part Pekingese.

In order to help look after the nation’s rampant roaming dog population, Safe Rescue For Canines, started by Zoe’s sister, Kelly Hare, 43, travels to Romania at least yearly. We are still waiting for the arrival of Bethany’s two siblings, who are one of Bethany’s brother or sisters.

Although Zoe’s disfigurement is a first for the rescue, it is not something that individuals in the rescue have difficulty adjusting to.

Zoe claimed, “People do see Bethany and they’re a bit shocked by her face but when you have operated in the industry, you aren’t stunned, you just approve it. Sometimes a facial disfigurement is not as bad as a mental disfigurement when does have been treated badly. Bethany has not been treated badly. Fortunately her mum was saved before she was born so she hasn’t had a bad life. She’s not worried or scared.”

She added, “With so many dogs we need to overcome just how they have actually been treated and that’s worse. You can get over Bethany’s facial disfigurement the moment she searches for at you with her tail wagging.”