Rescued condor returns to thank man who saved its life

Rescued condor returns to thank man who saved its life

A huge condor has struck up a really not likely friendship with the man who saved its life!

A long time ago, Edgardo found an injured condor chick on his property Loncopué, Argentina. The bird was harmed at one of its legs, so the kind-hearted man looked after it and nurse it till the massive bird had the ability to fly, again. He even called it, ‘Condorito.’.

” One day in March he appeared here alone and with a damaged leg. We were recovering him from an injury that did not appear to be serious and from that day he approaches me each time I call him,” Edgardo told to Los Andes.

However, the most touching moment was when the huge bird has actually returned to thank man who saved its life. However what’s much more amazing, it’s that the condor is regularly returning to Edgardo’s location and affectionate hugs him.

” When I contacted Fauna people [wildlife organization] they informed me it was a male pigeon who think that he was born in October of last year and who obviously had actually lost contact with his moms and dads,” the man informed La Mañana de Neuquén. “Usually we leave him food to learn to seek it on his own. In current months we have suffered the fatality of some pets for different factors and we chose to leave them so that he can feed.”.

The officials as a zoo in Buenos Aires also contacted Edgardo to help them to take ‘Condorito’ there. However the man who saved him highly disagrees the idea.

” The condor was born and increased right here, and this is its natural habitat,” he said. ” Presently he can fly on his very own and in a few days he will certainly be accustomed to residing in the condorera [the condor’s natural habitat] that we have a few kilometers of.”.

” They claim they come to find it to take it to a appropriate location, but right here the condor is outdoors, in its natural habitat and identified as his very own, so we do not agree with that intervention,” he told the newspaper Neuquen.