Saved Pit Bull From A Parking Lot Comes To Be A K9 Officer

Saved Pit Bull From A Parking Lot Comes To Be A K9 Officer

However there is still a long way to go to change the way most people see the pitbull.

The truth is that many still consider these dogs to be normally aggressive. That’s why they are afraid of intimacy, including next to their children. Because of this, lots of people cross the street when they see the Pitbull coming.

As a result, we need more stories like this. The story is the power to test stereotypes by judging the book on the cover and showing that it is never okay to presume that a specific thing is true just because it is claimed many times.

The protagonist of this amazing tale is an amazing dog named Kia, the first Pitbull cop in New york city State. Like many canines, he was left by his former owner in the grocery parking lot. The owner disposes of it as if it were thrown right into the trash when not in use.

Thankfully for Kia, he handled to look back on his life and finish a program to train the rescued Pitbull to come to be Police K9. These fantastic workouts are great since they serve multiple purposes.
Once upon a time, they helped drive even more dogs out of the street and provide the opportunity to live gladly ever since. Second, providing extra eyes (and feet) to keep individuals in the community safe will certainly assist make the street a little much safer.

In recent years, like Leonard, Ohio’s first pitbull cop, it has come to be extremely common for pitbulls to come to the K9.