School staff looks out the window and realize they’re being watched

It can be really hard to get any work finished with someone staring at you, right?

Well, these students at Trident Technical University had that exact problem.

Notebooks out, desks cleaned up, and their minds ready to learn– if not for the strange visitor that chose to observe them from the window.

Now don’t worry, the visitor watching these students was no malicious character.

It wasn’t even a person. Try about 5 and a half feet shorter than a person, and include some feathers and a beak also.

These students were being watched by a baby owl from outside the window.

But to their credit, the owl had a quite ominous-looking stare even if it meant no harm.

It was a baby great horned owl that had actually fallen out of its nest. It somehow ended up on the school campus and chose to peek into the class.

The owlet fell on the floors of structure 920 of the school grounds.

This happened back in March and caused rather a scene on school grounds.

Great horned owls are just as great as their name implies. They’re the biggest owls in The United States and Canada by mass.

This little one could have taken a nasty fall.

Though he was plainly alright, they would certainly still need the opinion of an specialist.

So the people at Center for Birds Of Prey took him in for a checkup and returned him when all was well.

When the little one matures, he’ll be a predator of any unsuspecting computer mouse, hare, vole, or rabbit in the area. Great horned owls are excellent nocturnal predators, largely thanks to their huge eyes like the ones these students saw peering at them from the window.

And just that were the ones that got the little own when he was spotted on school grounds? Well, they ‘d be Tom Craven and John Long.

Actually, it was John Long’s wife that assisted in driving the little hooter to the Center For Birds Of Prey.

When the baby owl was finished with his checkup, it was time to bring him back where he belonged.

His parent might return searching for him, so they made sure to seat him right back in the tree he fell out of.

Currently, he sits on the same branch he dropped from. All while courses and courses go on inside the school structure. I wonder if he’ll get to see some people graduate!

” After a remain at the Center for the Birds of Prey, the baby owl came home to rejoin with its family.” wrote Trident Technical College on Facebook

They have not given the little one a name, as far as I know.

A single person also recommended making college Tees with his face on them to truly solidify him as part of the school. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea!

And in a few months, the campus obtains some free pest control while the owl gets free dishes. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

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