Sharks Found Inside An Active Volcano Alive

Sharks Found Inside An Active Volcano Alive

Welcome to Kavachi, a volcano in the Solomon Islands’ Southwest Pacific Sea. The initial known eruption happened in 1939, and the most recent happened in January of 2014.

According to National Geographic, in addition to releasing the Planet’s hot guts, Kavachi also works as a home for aquatic types.

“There’s no way anything can live in there when it’s exploding,” sea engineer Brennan Phillips explains in the video below. That’s why finding these species deep within the volcano is so baffling. They remain in a location where they may “pass away at any time,” so how can they keep going? These are the questions that come to mind after seeing this awesome footage.

As the cam comes down right into the volcanic plume, the color of the water adjustments considerably. The first creature discovered was a sixgill stingray.

The cam found three species throughout its hour-long trek within the underwater volcano: the scalloped hammerhead shark, the silky shark, and the sixgill stingray.

Phillips questions in the video on realizing that these creatures live in an active volcano: “Do they leave? Is there any type of indication that it’s about to erupt? Do they erupt in a series of little explosions that send them rising into the sky?” The researchers arrived with one inquiry and left with a slew of them. That, according to Phillips, is what makes this effort so unique.