Shelter Celebrates Clear Kennel For The First Time Ever Before

Shelter Celebrates Clear Kennel For The First Time Ever Before

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world have actually been forced to stay at home to help flatten the curve and reduce this outbreak.

However one good idea that has actually come out of this is that more people have been fostering and adopting pets from animal sanctuaries while they’re quarantined at home.

One animal shelter in Florida city is celebrating an incredible milestone: every dog in among its 3 kennel buildings has actually been adopted!

Among the Buddies of Palm Beach Region Animal Treatment and Control shelter’s kennels is totally empty for the first time because they have actually opened. This kennel is the shelter’s stray housing kennel and adoption overflow kennel.

“Thank you to the shelter staff and volunteers that work tirelessly to look after, locate homes for, and supporter for the pets who come through these doors; thank you to our amazing foster parents who open their heart and homes to thousands of pets each year; thank you to everybody who has chosen to adopt a shelter pet– whether it be here or from any one of the other amazing organizations available,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

While one entire kennel has actually been embraced out, they still have some canines offered for adoption or foster in their major kennel, together with cats, horses, and a pig.