Someone Locked A Small Dog In A 130-Degree Port-A-Potty And Bolted

Someone Locked A Small Dog In A 130 Degree Port A Potty And Bolted

Somebody locked a canine in a port a potty near a construction site on Pecan Point Enter Brunswick and fled the scene.

The Humane Culture of the USA is offering a $5,000 reward for info leading to the identification of the individual responsible.

Rusty was discovered in the 130-degree port-a-potty when the door flung open from wind, and a lady saw the five-year-old dog inside on the verge of heat-stroke.

Construction employees had not been about in a week, so it’s a miracle the dog was found alive.

Tiffani Hill, manager of Glynn County Pet Control, believes the individual responsible lives nearby since they knew about the construction going on in the area.

Vets originally thought about euthanasia for the dog, yet rescuers rejected and moved him to No-Kill Glynn Region for his therapy and rehabilitation. Rusty will then be set up for fostering when healthy and balanced.

The examination stays underway, and you can contact the Glynn Area Animal Shelter with any details using the info in the link below.