Starving Dog Wants To Take Food From Woman’s Hand, But Her Owners Refused.

Lamyai, a poor canine, that was living in a makeshift location, that was a nearly breaking down building. She frequently spent her time below a badly built foundation.

The dog, that was very slim, was totally scared of the rescuers that came to help her. It was obvious that she had been ignored by humans. It was clear that she survived on dirt, rocks and scraps as she was not fed much.

Anyhow, the rescuers continued to call her to come but no avail. So, they decided to lure her with food. When Lamyai saw the food, she poked her go out and took the treat, she was then given some space to be able to see that they were not mosting likely to hurt her.

The dog then slowly emerged, but she then went back underneath the foundation as she was unsure what to do. However, some soft words by the rescuers allowed her come out but when the rescuer intended to choose her up, she ran away.

However, the dog, that had advanced skin disease and was so skinny need an immediate care. Thankfully, the rescuer was able to wrap her in a blanket after more than an hour.

What made the tale filled with sadness was that Lamyai had owners! That’s when they were told that Lamyai was not their problem anymore! The dog was straight required to the vet clinic to be analyzed.

When the veterinarian saw her, he straight put in an IV for hydration, and ran some tests by taking blood. The vet found that she had anima that was so serious. So, they gave her blood transfusions to save her as her platelets and blood cells were extremely reduced. Fortunately, she is currently getting better by days. All of us hope that she will find a permanently home once she is completely healed.

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