Stray Puppy Chases After Stranger's Vehicle Wishing to Be Saved

Stray Puppy Chases After Stranger’s Vehicle Wishing to Be Saved

Valia Orfanidou of The Orphan Pet was driving along in Greece when a small black and white dog jumped out of the brush and also began chasing her vehicle from behind.

The puppy wished to be rescued more than anything. She saw him in the rearview mirror and also pulled over to assist.

With so many strays in Greece, here was yet one more that required assistance. And Valia wasn’t about to leave him behind. However the puppy was a little bit hesitant and concealed by the wheels of her car. He knew what was best for him in life, but it was still scary.

The canine barked out when she was lastly able to get him, once in the backseat of the vehicle, he wagged that little tail!.

She took him to a vet for a check-up, and the puppy, currently called Bandit, was surprisingly healthy. He would certainly go on to a foster home in Athens to await a forever house while learning how to be a pet. Once prepared, one fortunate family would be able to call him their own!.