Thailand Man Saves Abandoned Puppies & Builds Castles For Them To Live In

Thailand Man Saves Abandoned Puppies and Builds Castles For Them To Live In

A kind-hearted man from Thailand saves dogs and exceeds and past for them. He shares his rescue adventures on his popular YouTube network, Wild TV.

He uses old abilities, together with standard techniques, to make houses near his countryside for the animals he rescues.

Among his jobs was making a mud puppy castle with a moat for four pups that he saved from a cave near his home. He videoed a tutorial on just how he constructed it and posted it to his channel, which has actually since gathered almost 30 million views.

Initially, he gathered lots of branches from close-by woods. In the video clip below, you’ll see him sharpening the end of each stick and also hammer them into the ground in order to develop a foundation for the castle.

When the structure was complete, he rubbed it in mud to form it into a castle, which included three towers, multiple entrances and also a staircase. He after that used grass to give the castle a real front grass, so that the pups would certainly be able to relax in the soft grass.

He completed it off by digging a moat around the castle, since let’s be real, a castle isn’t a castle without a moat! Then he used bamboo tubes to create a pipes system for it, so the water would flow through the moat with ease. He even added a bridge so the puppies can cross over the moat!

Once the beautiful castle was complete, he brought the four rescue pups to it. They were so excited and also gladly wandered their brand-new home!