November 29, 2023
The Dog Found Alive After 5 Weeks Missing In Pacific Ocean

The Dog Found Alive After 5 Weeks Missing In Pacific Ocean

A dog is reported missing out on 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) off San Diego, California, from San Clemente Island. A one and a fifty percent year old German Shepherd was believed to have sunk in the Pacific Sea after dropping from a fishing boat. To her shock, she lived and well discovered 5 weeks later!

Luna got on an industrial fishing vessel with her owner Nick Howarth when she fell overboard. On February 10, her owner reported her disappearance, and after several days of searching, it was estimated that her dog was missing. Her owner looked the waters for concerning 2 days, and Navy workers looked the island for about a week, but found no signs of Luna. Sandy Demnick, a spokesman for the Naval Base Coronado, said.

” They drew in a (lobster) trap, Luna was there for a minute, and she was gone for the next minute. They looked for her everywhere. They couldn’t see her. Water It was dark, she was dark. “
However more than a month later, Luna was miraculously seen on San Clemente Island, a marine training base 70 miles from San Diego. AP reports that this has actually attracted attention as pets are not enabled on the island for environmental factors. Team members increased, opened up the vehicle door and whistled, and Luna jumped in, the Tribune reports.

” They saw Luna resting alongside the road and waving her tail,” Demnick told ABC News. “Remember that it was a wonderful sight as there are no domesticated animals on the island.”
The dog is believed to have actually landed and ate a computer mouse on the island and survived. She was analyzed by a wildlife biologist at the San Diego Zoo and she said she was “completely healthy, besides being a little malnourished.” Later, biologist Howarth provided unexpected news. “She was blown away,” Demnick said. “She was so happy and grateful and thrilled.”