The dog is the victim of 2 fierce owners, however he is like a warrior who overcomes all difficulties

Harold was birthed right into a local puppy mill that grows hundreds of puppies for sale while maintaining mother canines in small cages.

Because of overbreeding, puppies from pup mills are more likely to be born with serious birth defects such heart disease, kidney disease, blood illnesses, deafness, and permanent paralysis.

After a couple of baby breaths, Harold was cost $7,000 to an uninformed bidder. When Harold was sick with upper respiratory symptoms, his new owner brought him home and looked after him.

After that, without warning, Harold shed the use of his back legs because of spine curvature brought on by puppy mill overbreeding; the condition is similar to scoliosis and kills all feeling in the hindquarters.

Dallas DoggRRR received Harold from his brand-new owner and instantly took him to the emergency animal hospital. Harold battled to eat without spewing while he was in the hospital for 2 days.

During an urgent exploratory procedure, the doctors found gastric fluid across Harold’s abdomen and esophagus, abdominal adhesions, swollen lymphnoids, raised liver degrees, and ulcerations and a stricture in his intestinal tracts.

This child has lived at Dallas DogRRR for many years and serves as our company’s mascot and social networks spokesperson.

” Although he is a real warrior, we absolutely despise seeing him endure. We are helping Harold in any way we can”