The family got a boat and located two small surprises inside 2 cute kittens

The family got a boat and located two small surprises inside: 2 cute kittens.

After they bought and moved the boat across several states, the family found 2 kittens in the boat. They were extremely tiny! They were called Pistachio and Raisins!

The kittens were offered to a foster family after the family brought them to the shelter, since they were too small and needed round-the-clock care. And there they met their foster mom.

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A warm covering, kitten mixture and the foster mom’s assistance helped them recover after just nine days. These small fluffy babies who had not yet opened their eyes were taken in by a great foster parent who might give round-the-clock treatment.

At 2 weeks of age, they were still underweight. But they were getting stronger and were ready to explore their surroundings! A small Pistachio evaluates 137 grams, and a Raisins weighs 121 grams.
Raisins hugs the foster mother. Take a look at these small marmalades!

The kittens were adopted by the family that located them as quickly as they reached maturity. As you can see, they have come a long way because they were found as stowaways!