The time a blue whale blowing a rainbow heart

The time a blue whale blowing a rainbow heart

Water mist/Vapor + sunshine = a rainbow! The heart looks, like a rainbow.

The perfect shot at the best time. Just gorgeous … If you information well the rainbow colors have a heart darkness That’s fantastic

This amazing photograph appears to catch the time a blue whale blew a rainbow coloured HEART as it showed up for air.

Photographer Tanakit Suw any angyaun was fortunate enough to capture one of the magnificent animals removing its blowhole.

The water droplets and the sunlight fell gives the appearance of the whale blowing a rainbow coloured heart.

Perfect so gorgeous What a captured!

Tanakit had invested the day swimming among the whales, as he toured the location, near Sri Lanka, with a diving dive tour.

He said: The photos are a dream come true for me. I would certainly longed to swim with blue whales all my life– it was such an remarkable experience.

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Having a whale of a time. God promise ever were

God’s amazing reminder of his promise– that there will never once again be a world large flood …!
Mother Nature is wonderful!!

Simply nature being valued thanks to the photographer!!!