The Twelve-Year-Old Secretariat Running Like A Colt

The Twelve-Year-Old Secretariat Running Like A Colt

The video below is about a legendary horse that I’m pretty sure most of you know for his effective career. A horse like him is arguably “one in a million” and any type of owner would consider having a horse as talented as him a blessing. Not just is he talented, he is likewise a very beautiful thoroughbred and can be distinguished from all other horses as for you can see him.

The horse was born 50 years ago and died at the age of 19, but is memorable for its incredible contribution to the world

of horses. Do you know who he is now?

His name is Secretariat, an American thoroughbred racehorse that won the first triple crown in 1973 in 25 years. His document victory at Belmont Stakes, where he won 31 lengths, is widely regarded as one of the greatest races of perpetuity.

Throughout his racing career, he won 5 Eclipse Awards, consisting of the Horse of the Year, at the ages of two and 3. He was inducted into the National Racing Gallery and Hall of Fame in 1974.

As you can see, the Secretariat has a very successful career and those that are really involved in the horse globe consider him a legend. More than thirty years after his death, he is still remembered by many horse racing fans worldwide.

This video was shot when he was 12 years of ages, 38 years later on and I believed it was a great video to share with the viewers. He was shot in his domain at Claiborne Ranch. People always said he acted like a powerful machine! It’s a truly sad that when he was 19, his health came to be so serious that he was required to retire.

A couple of months later on, he died. This video showcases his special character that was one more distinguishing factor from the various other horses. Like a child at play, Secretariat likes to run and there is no doubt that he really had one huge heart! It is incredible that there are still videos that reach witness his amazing talent and personality. Please see the video below and share your thought on him.