They Broke His Bones But Could Not Crush His Spirits, He's Right Now A Hero Therapy Dog

They Broke His Bones But Could Not Crush His Spirits, He’s Right Now A Hero Therapy Dog

Pit Bull Aladdin suffered a horrific beating when rescuers found him. His back legs were broken, and his tail was crushed, weighed 18 pounds and had twelve missing teeth, however despite his poor health, his eyes were filled with love.

Have a look at the video below:

Throughout his recovery, Aladdin’s caretakers discovered his unique empathetic power around people. The abused boy was magically able to sense the presence of depressed, tortured souls like him. The rescuers were amazed when Aladdin walked up to comfort numerous heartbroken people on multiple events. He had a natural present for therapy!

Aladdin was soon enrolled as a therapy canine trainee and he came to be a certified comfort canine within 8 months! Today, Aladdin spends his days aiding sick kids, recovering addicts and anxiety-ridden adults cope with their situations. He’s so good at this that he has been awarded for his payment to the society as a therapy dog!

The truth of Aladdin’s abuse is unknown, but rescuers believe the abuse was caused by somebody who has a prejudice versus Pit Bulls. Although he has turned his luck around, he hasn’t found the person that abused him.