This Bear Lost All Her Fur After Being Used In A Circus For twenty years

Today there are many circuses and zoos that only consider locating their own benefit no matter the welfare of the animals.

In Cholita’s situation, the bear lost all her fur and unjustly had to endure a good deal of abuse by a circus, her fingers were mutilated, her teeth were damaged and her fur lost due to stress.

In 2015 Cholita finally handled to feel free after investing 20 years of her life secured a cage and suffering different mistreatments that she certainly did not be worthy of. The look of this bear is shocking to lots of and it is incredible to also believe that it is a spectacled bear.

It was the Animal Defenders International (ADI) organization that rescued Cholita from her terrible situation, her wellness was in a terrible state and they had to be provided with an oxygen chamber.

After completing her rehabilitation process, she located herself strong sufficient to go back to freedom in a safe enclosure located in a forest.

Since then hse has been eating correctly and has even developed new hair on various parts of her body.

The bear is extremely happy walking among the trees, she can now play, sleep quietly, consume and even interact with her neighbors Lucho and Sabina that are a couple of bears that were also rescued by the ADI organization.

Jan Creamer, President of ADI, commented:” It is an outright happiness to see Cholita enjoying her new home, the views and sounds of the woodland, things that were cruelly rejected her because she was a baby.”

Currently the ADI organization is in the process of rescuing one more spectacled bear, if you wish to make a donation to support this reason, you can do so by giving on the website.