This Husky Who Was Rejected By A Dog breeder Because Of Her Funny Looks Is Currently Going Viral

This Husky Who Was Rejected By A Dog breeder Because Of Her Funny Looks Is Currently Going Viral

Most of us humans hold a very special spot in our hearts for all things fluffy and cute. Specifically if that little something is man’s best friend.

After all, how could anyone resist those lovable dogs waddling around wagging their tails in excitement, chasing after around any object they can perhaps find around the house or smashing into the glass door after seeing a bird outside. Unsure where this last one came from but you catch the drift.

Sadly, not all silly dogs are enjoyed unconditionally and some struggle to locate their permanently home despite having a great personality. Jubilee is just one of those dogs that was blessed with an lovable personality yet her looks are so unique, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, there’s a silver lining!

Even though this uncommon looking husky canine really did not have much success in finding her permanently home, Caroline Hilliard who used to deal with her when she was in NC almost 2 years earlier said she was always a sweet and very adaptable canine. “I loved her a lot and wanted to adopt her, however I was glad to listen to that she was going to a dog rescue. She was so shy however wished to be loved. I wish she’s doing also better now. I’ll publish some things I have of her, even though she was a lot skinnier (too slim) at that time.”

Even though a lot of people commented concerning wanting to adopt this cute canine, Husky Residence really did not get lots of official inquiries. One of the reasons can be that people live too far away and the animal shelter can not arrange house gos to with them to ensure the puppy would truly most likely to a loving home.

” We do require home gos to (unfortunately, not by Skype because not everybody is honest), however we do have previous adopters in various other areas, so you can always try. Unfortunately, we’ve also taken the possibility in adopting out of state and the adoption didn’t work out. The person called and demanded we grab the dog or they were dumping her in a local sanctuary. So we have actually been forced to make sure it’s a reasonable distance in case we need to get there in a hurry.”

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