This Little Dog Looking Over A Fence Is Making People Uncomfortable

This Little Dog Looking Over A Fence Is Making People Uncomfortable

Her name is Junebug and she’s actually a perfect angel. This is Junebug. She’s a curious little dog with an outsized personality.

However, yeah, she can seem a little bit intense.

This photo of the 4-pound puppy has been making the rounds online in recent days. In it, Junebug is seen peering over the top of a tall fence, repairing what appears to be an instead ghoulish gaze on the viewer
” Never been more scared of a canine,” a single person sharing the picture tweeted.

Right here’s a closer look.

The photo of Junebug went viral. And ever since, people online have likened her appearance to that of Beetlejuice, the Joker and even that scary clown from “It.”.

Is her expression somewhat scary? Well, yes. However actually, there’s nothing scary at all about Junebug.

The Dodo was able to track down Junebug’s owner, Tim K., to find out about their “scary” canine and the viral picture. And sure enough, that menacing vibe people appear to sense in Junebug doesn’t align with truth. She’s actually a best angel.

” Junebug is, without a doubt, the sweetest dog you could ever meet,” Tim claimed. “She loves people. And everyone that meets her loves her. She’s simply the sweetest little point in the world.”.

To be reasonable, though, Junebug in some cases looks a tad disgruntled– also when she’s not.

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However just how is Junebug peeking over such a tall fence in the pic over? There’s a wonderful explanation behind that, too.

” We have a privacy fence in our yard,” Tim claimed. “Every once in a while, Junebug wants to see what’s happening on the other side of the fence, and I’ll pick her up and hold her. We allowed her look over.”.

Tim’s wife broke the picture, which he chose to share with a dog-loving community online.

” For us, it was simply a cute photo,” he added. “It wasn’t until people began commenting … she’s got such an intense look on her face.”.

But that’s simply Junebug.

Tim and his wife never planned for the photo of their dog to go viral, or for people to think she’s frightening. They understand the truth, however, and are happy to spread the word about the real Junebug.

” We’ve always been canine people. She’s a member of our family,” Tim said. “If Junebug knew about all of the attention she was getting, she ‘d be over the moon.”.