Tiniest Puppy Waits In Center Of Road For Someone To Rescue Her

Last October, Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze were strolling down a active road in Rustavi, a city in the eastern European nation of Georgia, when they noticed a small lump of hair on the pavement. When they drew closer, they saw it was a small, helpless puppy.

The puppy, who seemed regarding 1 month old, really did not move a muscle– she actually looked dead. But when Todua and Liklikadze, who both volunteer with a dog rescue team called Animal Buddies, touched the puppy, they felt her little body moving with her shallow breath.

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” It was surprising because she was so feeble and doomed to fatality,” Todua Said. “She was hungry, thirsty and had a great deal of worms … and she was very docile.”

The rescuers scooped up the puppy prior to she got struck by a car, which is a usual destiny for canines in Rustavi, Todua discussed. The animal was too tiny and young to be on her own, so they hoped to find the puppy’s mother around– however when they talked to some locals, they discovered the puppy’s sad story.

” We were told that the mom of this little puppy was hit by a vehicle,” Todua said. “We don’t know what happened to her brothers and sisters.”

The women took the puppy house with them, began treating her malnutrition and parasites and tried to obtain her to eat some food. At the time, she just weighed about half a pound, so she seriously needed to gain weight.

They called her E.T. after the movie by the same name– because, in their opinion, she looked more like an unusual than a puppy.

But with each passing day, E.T. got stronger and healthier– and she began looking even more like a puppy than an alien. And 9 months later, E.T. had actually pretty much quadrupled in size and weight, and currently she’s living a extremely different life than she remained in her very early days on the street.

” She deals with one of the members of our organization,” Todua claimed. “She likes having fun, strolling and eating. It’s amusing, but she likes to eat cucumber and pumpkin. She’s a very pleased puppy.”

Todua helps rescue and feed many roaming canines yearly, but E.T.’s story is one that’s stayed near to her heart.

“The most uplifting and psychological thing about this rescue was her transformation from faint and poor puppy to a happy dog,”

Todua said.