Tiny turtle melts hearts with adorable effort to eat his very first strawberry

There’s something about baby animals that the majority of us simply can’t resist. Also animals that are pretty terrifying once they reach adult age, like lions and sharks, look all cute and innocent when they’re babies.

It turns out that there’s a scientific reason why we think baby animals are so “aww”- deserving.

The powerful nurturing instinct that people have for their children is strong enough to spill over to anything that resembles them.

While some child animals look less like baby humans than others, there are still resemblances, like the adorable, innocent baby eyes, the helplessness, chubby cheeks, and rounder bodies.

If you’re a baby animal fan, you’ll enjoy this video of a baby turtle’s first strawberry.

Turtles have a pretty different diet.

In the wild, they eat algae, fallen fruit, water plants, worms, water bugs, snails, and insect larvae. Some may also eat grasses, flowers, and mushrooms.

Luckily, these foods are easily available, so turtle owners can feed their animals exactly what they thrive off in their natural habitat.

Like human babies, turtle babies take a while to get used to solid foods.

As youngsters, turtles locate it easiest to eat flakes, pellets, or food sticks, all of which can be found at your local pet store.

However when they’re ready, you can begin to feed them live bugs and worms, prior to moving onto the big challenge: fruits and veggies.

As you can see from the video, munching on a fruit that’s bigger than your body is no simple feat.vKirby, the adorable Russian tortoise included in this clip, has come to be something of a viral sensation for his eating videos.

His strawberry nomming debut received more than 14 million views.

The concept of the video is easy: he eyes up a strawberry and attempts to eat it.

This is pretty funny since the strawberry is bigger than Kirby’s entire body. Think of trying to take a bite out of something that was bigger than you!

Unsurprisingly, Kirby isn’t extremely successful in his strawberry mission.

He keeps unintentionally pushing it far from him with his mouth. It was probably for the best that Kirby couldn’t get his teeth right into too much of the strawberry, anyway.

While lots of breeds of turtle can eat all the fruits they like, it’s not the situation for Kirby’s breed. The caption explains:

” Russian tortoises like me must usually not eat fruits, as our guts are not equipped to deal with a lot of sugar. Fruit must be kept to only occasional deals with. I was just enabled to have a couple of small nibbles of this strawberry as a special treat before Mother took the strawberry away.”

Well, we rejoice the lovable moment was filmed for us to see! And if you feel bad that Kirby could not obtain a proper hold on the strawberry, his proprietor released a few follow-up photos of Kirby getting a proper bite while she held the strawberry for him.

See Kirby’s lovable first attempt at eating his extremely first strawberry below!

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