Tourist Who Opened Up Window To Pet Lion Instantly Regrets It

Tourist Who Opened Up Window To Pet Lion Instantly Regrets It

There are certain videos that leave you seriously scratching your head in bemusement – this clip of a tourist trying to pet one of the world’s most notoriously scary animals is very much one of them.

Tourist Who Opened Up Window To Pet Lion Instantly Regrets It

The video, taken from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, was shared to the YouTube account Maasai Sightings simply over a year earlier, and still places us on edge watching it back now.

After parking up alongside the big cat, who at first seems completely unbothered by the developing situation, one tourist bizarrely decides to lean out of the window, outstretching their arm in an effort to pet the animal.

From there they get a nasty surprise, that in justness, can have quite quickly turned far uglier than it thankfully did.

After a couple of seconds the lion looks to face the open window, looking at the tourists and generally now beginning to look fairly unimpressed.

A panicked voice from inside the vehicle after that claims: ” Shut the window.” As the second tourist struggles to move the window shut, the lion jumps up and roars.

After some scrambling, eventually they manage to shut the opening – the lion still visible in the distance, looking into the car at the people.

A pretty sizeable piece of comments on YouTube criticised the tourists’ actions, with one writing: “Somebody has a brain the size of a flea sitting between their ears.”

Another person claimed: “Lions are freaking solid … that window wouldn’t hold Mufasa back if he wanted to get in.”

A 3rd included: “Yeah sure, simply disregard the signs that claim do not go out your vehicle, do not attempt to touch or feed the animals and so on, dumb tour or dumb people taking the tour?”

Another YouTuber commented: ” Individuals see careless lions in zoos, or snoozing during the day in the parks, and have absolutely no idea how freakin’ fast a lion really is.

” I mean, less than a 2nd and this man can’ve had a faceful of claws. Go pet your house cat … feels similar. House kitty can also tear your face off.”

The moral of the story probably should not be one you needed to listen to, but if you still have a desire to lean out of a safari car to annoy a huge lion, then don’t.