Two Baby polar Bears Found Trying To Survive After Being Abandoned By Their Mom

Two defenseless baby polar bears were found alone struggling with the abandonment of their own mother.

The scene caused shock by the circumstances and the outcome gets to the soul. Sometimes, nature works in such a unpredictable method, incomprehensible to human knowledge, but it still happens.

Such is the case of these two polar bear cubs, who were left to fend for themselves by their mother simply because they were the weakest of the litter.

It is a law of life in the wild globe, which although difficult, must be respected.

Thankfully, these little specimens managed to survive thanks to the interest and care of the experts at the Gelendzhik Zoo in Russia, that chose to give them another chance to live.

Desolate and weak, the little polar bears couldn’t understand why their mom abandoned them

Strangely, for some types, a weak puppy is a tiny animal that presumably will not have the ability to reach its adult stage alive. This condition makes it rather undesirable.

Frequently, there are tales of moms of certain animals that naturally put aside their cubs that, by nature’s design, were birthed weaker than the remainder of their siblings.

It seems that it is a cruel act however nature is wise

According to research and studies, this behavior is instinctive, there is nothing else cause that justifies that behavior, it does not go through logic or reason.

Therein lies the huge difference with the acts of abandonment at close range of human moms, that leave their babies to their fate, knowing full well that it is a ruthless act.

On the contrary, animal mothers simply respond to their instinct, but if they know that they will certainly live, they will certainly make extraordinary efforts to secure what they love most.

Fortunately, they found much-needed assistance just in time.

In these cases, angels disguised as people with a great love for animals make a great difference in the lives of these beings, that despite being rejected by their mother and by the remainder of the herd, deserve to have an chance to meet the love and a happy life.

This has been demonstrated by the dedicated veterinary staff of the Gelendzhik Zoo and Safari Park.

The main inspirers of the project of increasing the protagonists of this story are the doubles Anastasia and Olesya Sakhatskaya, both devoted workers of the Gelendzhik Zoo.

They instantly latched on to the bottle and really did not wish to put it down.

Anastasia and Olesya closely watched the birth of the two cubs, noting that after a couple of weeks, their mom, the seven-year-old bear named Seryozhka, started to ignore them and cast them aside.

Thankfully, this mom bear did not injure the two cubs, and Anastasia and Olesya had the ability to get closer and rescue the little ones.

The job of love and dedication of these sisters has touched hundreds of hearts on socials media.

” There are no previous cases of polar bear cubs being rejected by their mother in a Russian zoo. This is the first experience for us. Worldwide there have only had to do with five cases of polar bears bred from birth in captivity. I wish we will certainly succeed,”

said Yelena Milovidova, director of the Gelendzhik Zoo.

Now the little bears are a year right into their brand-new assisted living

In the midst of bathrooms, bottles of cozy milk, massages and even some manicures to prevent any accident with the eyes of their caregivers, these two little brothers obtain used to their new life.

Seeing them grow up so guarded and full of love, and at the same time, in an environment that is as close to their natural habitat as feasible, gives us hope.

They found that it was a male and a female, and after an emotional vote on social networks, they selected their names.

The bear is called Mark

And the girl received the name of Aurora