Two Ex-Circus Lions Step On The Grass For The First Time

Two Ex-Circus Lions Step On The Grass For The First Time

Seeing animals in cages is constantly uncomfortable, not to mention the majestic lions. But sadly, there are still many circuses around the world where these great wild cats are forced to live this way.

Both were around after a dedicated group was able to save them and move around freely. The moment both lions first touch the grass is very moving.

Learn more about saving Tarzan and Tanya in the video clip below!

Tarzan and Tanya have lived a miserable life in the Guatemalan circus for over eight years. The two giant cats were housed in small cages and had not been treated for many years. Luckily, Animal Protectors International (ADI), a worldwide pet welfare group, learned of their story and fast saved them

These giants are normally brave, but when ADI’s president and vice presidents Yang and Tim attempted to save them, they were very scared and confused. They had an extremely painful and sad life, leaving scars both deep in their hearts and in their bodies. And these lasts show how much these lovable creatures were ignored.

Fortunately, after many years of sad life, Tanya and Tarzan were lastly taken to a rehab center and to a new home in South Africa’s sanctuary. When they obtained here, the duo had their first possibility to step on the grass and it was great to see that moment.