Ukrainian vet refuses to leave and opens an animal hospital in her house

Ukrainian vet refuses to leave and opens an animal hospital in her house

She has up to 70 animals in her house sometimes, Great is born when people ignore themselves …! ❤.

Such a brave and beautiful lady, more individuals like her required in this globe. Maintain the incredible work and wish you stay safe. ❤.

Since the start of the war, young vet Paulina has actually stayed behind to assist look after animals in need.
She continues to help the innocent souls that need her help. She opened a make-shift animal hospital in her apartment, and has up to 70 animals under her roof at any one time!

There are so many animals that require her help. She operates those who require emergency situation surgeries in her living room, and provides the others a place to rest and stay safe till even more help arrives.

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Paulina is in touch with a shelter in Poland that regularly travels to Ukraine to take a few of the animals off her hands. When she prepares to evacuate, they will certainly assist her find a location to remain in Poland.

You are a real Hero …! Who place themselves in danger to assist those that need her most! ❤ ❤.
We really feel so sorry for what all the people and their pets, that are family members, are going through!

What a fantastic person.

Thanks so much for assisting these valuable pets!
God Honors and watches over every one of you and maintains you secure and healthy. ❤ ❤ Bless you for taking care of these animals.