Unloved Dog's Body Transforms Hard Like Rock, She Loses All Flexibility and Waits To Die

Unloved Dog’s Body Transforms Hard Like Rock, She Loses All Flexibility and Waits To Die

An incredibly sick dog was found dying on a rural dust road in Oropos, Greece. She was starved and neglected for years, and had actually established an extremely serious situation of infectious mange that made her skin scaly and hard like rock.

When “Conserve A Greek Stray” saved the poor girl, they named her Petra, which means “stone” in Greek.

CAUTION: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some audiences

At the vet’s, the caretakers were anxious to see Petra’s advanced case of manage. After tests, it was located that she was also suffering from leishmaniasis, ehrichia, and numerous other health issues. The most heartbreaking part was that Petra had given up on life. She had quit trusting humans long ago, and simply desired her unpleasant life to end.

As Petra’s plight went viral on social media, canine rehabilitator Valia Orfanidou chose to assist Petra recover and find her toughness again. Valia realized that greater than medicines, Petra needed unconditional love and care from people. In this video clip, we see Petra’s trip as she gradually heals and makes a spectacular transformation into a gorgeous, affectionate and playful dog!

The rescue is currently hoping to find a perfect forever home for the bright and loving Petra. This sweet girl has endured enough troubles for a lifetime and deserves the heat and comfort of a loving house. Allow’s assist her find her forever home. Spread the word.

Update: We have actually found out that Petra was adopted by a kind woman called Laura! Laura loves calling her “The Girl That Beat Death”, and hopes to give her all the finer comforts of life that Petra never had. We are so proud of you, Petra! Live well!