Video Shows Adorable Beluga Whale Trying To Befriend A Seagull

Video Shows Adorable Beluga Whale Trying To Befriend A Seagull

For some months, a secret visitor has been hanging around in the waters outside Hammerfest, Norway: a beluga whale, which some claim was educated by the Russian armed force, from which he certainly defected.

Despite his purported expertise in secret tasks, the beluga has actually revealed to be a rather extroverted character.

Simply ask Jan-Olaf Johansen.

Johansen was roaming along the Hammerfest coastline the other day when he saw the whale enjoying some uncommon (and instead charming) behavior.

A random bird on the water’s surface area had certainly gotten the whale’s interest, and he looked keen to befriend her.

Johansen informed The Dodo, “He proceeded trying to play with the bird.” “What astonished me the most was how gentle he was. It was a sight to behold.”

Right here’s a video of that incredible time:

Unfortunately, the seagull did not show up to desire to reciprocate the whale’s polite efforts, appearing even more frustrated at his persistence than threatened by his proximity. However it appears she ‘d had enough at some point.

” The bird was unharmed and flew away,” Johansen claimed.

Because the beluga first appeared, some people had feared that he would not have the ability to look after himself, supposing he would certainly been informed by people. But, according to Johansen, that sees the whale on occasion, he appears to be okay– and having a nice time.

” He appears to be healthy,” Johansen included. “And a lot of fun.”