Woman Kills 8 Young Puppies In Front Of Their Mother 'To Teach Her A Lesson'

Woman Kills 8 Young Puppies In Front Of Their Mother ‘To Teach Her A Lesson’

The activities of one woman in India caused her town to become annoyed. Everything happened about 9 months earlier on March 15, in the town of Krishnanagar, India.

As you may understand, India, like many other nations around the world has a lot of stray animals.

What do stray animals do? Well, they try to find food, and they look for sanctuary.

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Because they are totally free in the world and have not been spayed or neutered, they make more stray animals.

Some people attempt their best to look after the stray animals by excluding some food.

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When a four-year-old stray dog in Krishanagar had her litter of 8 puppies in a gutter by the front door of a woman’s house, the woman went nuts.

She took each puppy, slammed them against rocks and after that threw their dead bodies in a field across from her home.

This whole time, the mother dog, Ammu, stood by viewing. The India Times reported that Ammu kept trying to nudge her babies to wake them up.

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Ammu was seen running around, frantic, attempting to obtain some aid. When asked why she had actually done such a heartless thing, the woman claimed she wanted the canine never to come near her home again.

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The police were called, and the woman was arrested. Ammu was so sad that she reportedly collected her dead children and tried to obtain them to nurse.

If the woman is found guilty (and there is CCTV footage as proof), she might face up to 5 years in jail.