Woman Spots Cat Stranded on Island on Social Network, Sets out in Her Kayak

Woman Spots Cat Stranded on Island on Social Network, Sets out in Her Kayak

A bob-tailed cat later called Kayak was stranded on a tiny island in the Saginaw River in Michigan. The island was little greater than a small thatch of trees with little space to move around, but the cat survived hiding out inside a hollow tree. Nobody recognizes how the cat got there. Did someone dump the cat on the island? Did he swim?

WNEM press reporter points to the island in the Saginaw River

Thankfully, someone identified the cat and posted regarding it on social networks, where a kind lady named Elyssa Weber spotted it. Remarkably, as soon as she saw the tale, she knew she would certainly be the person to save this cat. A kayaker, she would paddle out to the thatch of trees and see what she might do.

” Instantly my heart simply thumped a million miles an hour. I knew that I simply needed to go out there,” Weber informed WNEM.

So, Weber ventured out to the island, however the cat evaded capture the opening night. Undeterred, she returned the next day with live traps.

” The following morning, we returned to get the cat and kitty was there! So, we strapped him to the front of the kayak and took him inland,” Weber claimed.

Soon, the cat took a ride throughout the river and found himself at the Humane Society of Bay Region, who dubbed him Kayak. Then, another kind person would certainly take him into foster treatment.

” He seems to be a stray or an unwanted cat. But now he is wanted and loved, which is a great point. That’s what matters most to me,” Weber said.

Initially, Kayak had not been also pleased about being around individuals. Who knows for how long he was available surviving on the island or just how he got there in the first place? However, he was soon learning that his rescuers were kind and loving.

According to MNEM TV5, Weber thought there were even more cats on the teeny tiny island. So, she would later on return to see if she might save them too!