15 adorable photos of baby otters that will instantly brighten your day

Otters are arguably the cutest creatures around.

With their playful antics, sharp intelligence, and irresistibly cute faces, they’re a total heart-stealer, especially the little ones — talk about a cuteness explosion!

But here’s the thing: these adorable creatures face threats like pollution, poaching, and overfishing. We’ve got a role to play in safeguarding their future.

Luckily, many aquariums and conservation groups are stepping up to care for orphaned baby otters. Keep scrolling for a delightful list of baby otters being absolutely enchanting!

1. Mama hugs

2. Just nappin’ and floatin’

3. So many pups!

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4. Such a curious little baby

5. They like kisses too!

6. Grumpy otter baby!

7. It’s hard not to be a little jealous…

8. How is it possible to be this cute?

9. Baby otter pile!

10. Just hangin’ out

11. What does a baby otter dream about?

12. Those little paws!!

13. Otter the Grouch

14. Otters in a pan!

15. Boop!