Football Player Goes On Hike To Unwind, Finds Dog And Kitten At The Top

When Colorado football player Jaylen Ellis decided to go for a hike to clear his mind, he never expected to stumble upon two stray animals that would change his life.

With no other cars or people in sight, Ellis discovered a dog and a kitten, both in need of help. The dog’s fur was in terrible condition, and the tiny kitten appeared to be just a couple of weeks old. Not knowing what else to do, Ellis took the animals home to care for them until he could bring them to the Humane Society.

Jaylen gave them both baths and allowed them to rest and decompress. The dog was clearly happy to be in a safe environment, while the kitten was simply exhausted. Once at the Humane Society, the staff checked for microchips and reached out to the animals’ owners, but no one responded. The kitten was placed in foster care, but Ellis made the decision to adopt the dog, whom he named Angel.

Despite his busy schedule as a student and athlete, Ellis has found it relatively easy to balance his new role as a dog dad. His mornings are hectic with football practice and meetings, but he always makes time to spend with Angel, who has become his constant companion. Some people might worry about having a dog around so much, but Ellis sees Angel as his daughter and loves having her by his side.

Angel has brought out a new side of Ellis, showing his true character beyond just being an athlete. He enjoys dancing with her as she bops along with him, shaking her ears in time with his movements. The world has fallen in love with Angel, and she has given Ellis a newfound sense of joy and companionship.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Jaylen Ellis’s decision to go for a hike led him to find not just one but two animals in need. While the kitten remains in foster care, Angel has found her forever home with Ellis, who has embraced his role as a loving dog dad.

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