50 Funny Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks

50 Funny Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks

Cat proprietors, you might want to ask your family pets to leave the room for the following few minutes. Bored Panda’s about to prove to you once more that some cats can be a few of the biggest jerks on Planet Earth.

And no, this isn’t just some dog-financed publicity to guide you to the side of finest boys and girls! (R-really!).

Upvote your favorite photos of cats acting rowdy as you scroll down below into the wild lands of feline jerkitude. And do not forget to share any similar pics of your beast meowhole felines in the comment section.

Required some more evidence that much from every feline is an honorable big cat with a royal bearing and fantastic meowners? Check out Part 1 of our collection concerning independent as well as curious cat pranksters right here. Just how we act around cats can have an actual result on exactly how they act.

For example, one study showed that cats were a lot more social and invested much more time with people who were taking note of them than people who were ignoring them.

One way to ensure that your cat is giving you the love, interest, and love that you deserve is to give what you expect to receive, take appropriate care of your pet, and develop bonds of relationship bit by tiny bit.

That involves feeding your pet a healthy diet, giving it enough exercise, and showering it with attention.

And even though some individual animals allow ol’ beasts whatever you do, they’ll be more likely to stop pooping in your shoes and knocking things off the kitchen counter to get your attention if they recognize they’re being looked after by their loyal butlers (aka us).