A stray Chihuahua pup drops from the sky and struggles for survival.

A stray Chihuahua pup drops from the sky and struggles for survival.

This is just one of the most amazing stories ever recounted; it has to do with a 6-week-old puppy that amazingly escaped a horrible disaster. A team of construction workers listened to the little puppy’s plea for help after a long day at work. As a result, they were painfully aware that they required to act rapidly.

They started looking for and following the noise, however they located nothing; nonetheless, they maintained hearing cries, so one of them glanced up and realized the noises were coming from over. It was a heartbreaking view to see a little Chihuahua puppy captured in the talons of a hawk that was circling around the air with it.

They were all astonished and unsure what to do when the hawk abruptly released go of the Chihuahua, sending it careening down. So the crew went over to look at the puppy, and when they realized what they had actually done, they couldn’t believe it.

Fortunately, the pup was only slightly harmed, enabling employees to pick him up and carry him to the nearest vet, where he was examined and notified he would certainly be OK.

The little puppy was delivered to Austin Pet Center (AAC) with several scrapes, bruises, and bumps, but he remained in excellent problem given he had been tossed from the sky by a hawk. Following his scary experience with the hawk, he was given IV fluids to assist him recover strength.

Fortunately, Tony Hawk, the little Chihuahua, is presently recovery and receiving normal nutrition, and he will certainly be available for adoption once he is fully recovered.