Wolf abandoned by its mom grows up with human family, acts like a dog

Wolf abandoned by its mom grows up with human family, acts like a dog

People have very different types of animals in their families. Some like the standard ones like cats or dogs, while others like some birds or even snakes.

But this case is truly special. This is a pet named Kira. Kira is a wolf.

Alida chose to take the wolf puppy when she was only 3 days old, after that she was already without a mother.

They started living together, raising her and training her. She gave her a possibility at a brand-new life.

Because the wolves are from the wild, it was a real challenge to tame Kira.

She needed to be careful with Alida with specific things and attempt her finest every day.

Kira needed a lot of companionship and attention.

After so much effort and job by Alida, Kira came to be like a canine. Calm and safe for the atmosphere, it would certainly not hurt anybody.

It is clear that Kira would certainly not be able to cope in the wild currently, she would probably pass away because she does not know just how to hunt. No one has ever learned to hunt her, as her mother abandoned her instantly after birth, and she has been fed by hand since.

When Kira was 28 days old, Alida decided to take her in. She says she is really smart, but quite stubborn. From the start, Alida has been trying to socialize Kira, so Kira has seen a large number of people and children along with dogs.

She took her to many different places so that she can much better study sounds and smell smells. Wolves are afraid of brand-new things, it is innate to them. The name for this worry is neophobia. It was very hard and hard to deal with Kira, but that was really the only way she could continue to live with her in a normal environment.

Obviously, there were constantly issues when Kira grew up, but in the end whatever turned out well. The effort is always worth it. Kira is really calm and other dogs can not provoke her aggression nor does she come to be aggressive herself. She is really calm and attentive when children are about. In case someone does not desire the child close, is afraid and weeps, Kira will move away.

Alida is responsible for her brand-new life. She is not afraid of the brand-new world currently.

Alida has a son Bogdan that is just 7 years old, so she is often asked on the street what it is like to live with a wolf at home, especially as a result of the child. Likewise often people wish to be photographed with a wolf.

Kira is currently living her new life along with a 7 year old boy that is immensely dear to her.

Alida says that live people are very good because Kira is really calm and loves people, while they write all sort of galaxies and ugly things about them on the internet because they can not understand some things.

You can see more interesting material related to Alida and Kira on Alida’s Instagram profile.