Abandoned Little Piglet Was Near Death. Just In The Nick Of Time, A Mama Dog Steps In

When they are abandoned by mothers, animals have a very little chance to survive. Little piglet was all alone in this planet and she probably would have passed away, but then something incredible happened

Some people discovered her and brought her to their farm, were she satisfied a foster mother. If you believed it was a pig you’re in for a big surprise.

An 8 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, called Katjinga, took Paulinchen the piglet under her treatment and saved her life. Besides, that cutie obtained 5 puppy brothers, with whom she shares milk which makes her a actual part of the family.

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Being a mother means greater than having given birth to a child, it means taking care of someone, giving them with warmth and safety, loving them and being there for them always.

She presently shares milk with five other puppies in the litter.

Only 2 weeks old, she would have been a meal for foxes if she was not saved.

Katjinga treats her as one of her very own, despite the difference in species!